The materials you will use will directly affect the quality of the socks you will produce. Since one of the main products is yarn, you should prefer quality ones. Some yarn types are; Combed cotton, wool, cashmere, silk, nylon, and elastane.

First of all, you should program the raw materials you prepared for the stages you will pass. These stages are preparing the pattern and adjusting the threads according to the socks type. You should also upload the socks sizes to the machine.

Then the socks go to a separate section and prepare for the nose seam. After preparing the nose, it is taken to ironing. Labeling of socks that are assured of quality control is done. Then it is made ready for packaging by matching with each other. Packaged products are either put in storage or prepared for delivery.

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We can manufacture;

Man socks

Women socks

Child socks

Sport socks

Custom socks

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