Our Factory:


Tanhasin Socks Co, Ltd. 100% computerize machinery are being used to produce high quality socks. Manufacturing unit provides casual socks, plain socks, Rib socks, Kids socks, Ladies socks, & Kids tights. We believe in producing to a high standard using only the finest yarns available. Some of the yarns we use have properties such as moisture wicking, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, stray Black Finished, anti-microbial and heat retention. These properties are selected and combined in ways to best suit the application.

Socks Knitting Machines Are Italian & Korean Setup:

We have 170 fully computerized knitting machines and which needle counts is 96 Needle to 168 Needle. Pls check below short description for our knitting machine:


◆ The fully computerized single cylinder socks knitting machine.

◆ SS-E604XU model is 3.75" diameter with plain and terry knitting function.

◆ It's been upgraded from E604 series to perform more knitting functions.

◆ It equipped with socks machine-only Chinese solenoid valves.

◆ It's available in different numbers of needles.

◆ 6 actuators : 1(main) + 1(elastic, color, 2nd) + 1(color, 3rd) + 3(color).

◆ 7 actuators : 1(main) + 1(elastic, color, 2nd) + 1(color, 3rd) + 4(color)

◆ 6 or 7 magnetic and lifting jack type of the actuators (16 flaps for each ).

◆ 4 pickers : 2 (lifting needles) + 2 (lowering needles).

 The variety of knitting possibilities:

 ◆ Reciprocated heel & toe in different sizes and types(Y heel, big and small heel etc), 3D effects and invisible socks, single or double welt, mock ribs, full terry, half terry, minimum 2 colors on the heel and toe, tuck, mesh, 2 and 3 real jacquards, two-tone elastic, left & right socks, full elastic socks, reversed heel & toe and tubular fabric etc.

Boarding Machine:

We have two 100% automatic Boarding machine for excellent finishing of the socks with steam chamber imported from Tecnopea -Italy and another is Alome-Korea.

The following items are included in Boarding Machine

• Forms are figured with intermittent circle; assemble on pallet Product positioning device.

• Steam chamber up to 3 bar pressure.

• Electric drying chamber with hot air.

• Electric hot press; temperature can be adjusted up to 220`C.

• Automatic stripping group with rollers to press the socks and automatic stacker for products.

Others Machineries:

• Standby High Power Capacity Diesel Generator

We have enough power backup for uninterrupted production through stand by generator.

• Metal Detector Machine

Tanhasin Socks Co, Ltd. has introduced lock systems which is a metal detector for checking broken metal parts by passing each and every sock after knitting and linking through conveyor belt of metal detector. The machine is most modern and high sensitivity which can able to detect 1mm diameter of metal parts by ringing buzzer during detection process.

Production Capacity:

At present moment our average production capacity of Socks is more than 1,100,000 Pairs and 300,000 Pieces Tights per month depends on the size & Design.

Human Resources:

We have appointed high skilled executive director who has 25 years’ experience in socks industry, he is trained from Italy, japan, china & Korea on socks machines styling 5 graphic software, our ED specially has been trained on machinery for socks manufacturing since long, so that we can take maximum advantage to meet buyer requirements also we have appointed skilled technician & workers, We have arranged RO drinking water for our production people in the factory.

Quality Control / Research & Development

Tanhasin Socks Co, Ltd. is dedicated to produce the products and services of the highest quality. Our motto is not only delivering the final goods on time but also to offer cheaper price.We accomplish this by taking greater responsibility for all products through strict quality assurance and internal communication. We have also a quality team to meet the quality according to the standard of the buyers. We are always concern about the quality of our Socks. Moreover, we have a high powered Quality Control department for zero tolerance with the quality aspect. Our mission is to become the World’s most reliable quality socks manufacturer and supplier. We are offering the services that exceed customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and reliable on-time delivery. Our QC department is always very much co-operative with the third party QC and also meets the standards according to our buyer’s standards. We have a strong R&D department division.

Raw Materials:

Tanhasin Socks Co, Ltd. Can be created from a wide variety of materials. Some of these materials are Cotton, Coolmax,Viscose, Wool yarn, and Poly yarn, Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester, Olefin, Polypropylene and Spandex to get an increased level of softness to the socks. Other materials that might be used during the process of making high quality socks i.e. silk,linen,cashmere,mohair.The color variety of socks choices can be any color that the